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Content consultants

The authors are indebted to the many consultants who reviewed parts of the manuscript relevant to their areas of expertise and provided help and advice.

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Dr Marion Bailes, Dr Joanne Gardiner and Dr Kate Walker

refugee health

Associate Professor Deborah Bateson

family planning

Dr Roy Beran

epilepsy; neurological dilemmas

Dr James Best

depression, anxiety, male health, child and adolescent health, communication skills

Dr Clare Boema

family planning

Dr John Boxall


Dr Penny Burns

disaster medicine, pandemics

Dr Jill Cargnello

hair disorders

Dr Belinda Chan

breast disorders

Dr Paul Coughlin and Professor Hatem Salem

bruising and bleeding; thrombosis and thromboembolism

Mr Rod Dalziel

shoulder pain

Dr David Dilley

pain in the arm and hand

Dr David Dunn and Dr Hung The Nguyen

the health of Indigenous peoples

Dr Robert Dunne

common skin wounds and foreign bodies

Associate Professor John Eden

the menopause

Professor Jon Emery

genetic disorders, malignant disease

Dr Fiona Fargie

sexually transmitted infections

Genetic Health Services, Victoria

genetic disorders

Dr Lindsay Grayson and Associate Professor Joseph Torresi

travel medicine, the returned traveller and tropical medicine

Mr John Griffiths

pain in the hip and buttock

Professor Michael Grigg

pain in the leg

Dr Gary Grossbard

the painful knee

Dr Eliza Hannam

postnatal care

Dr Peter Hardy-Smith

the red and tender eye; visual failure

Associate Professor Peter Holmes

cough; dyspnoea; asthma; COPD

Professor Michael Kidd, Dr Ron McCoy and Dr Alex Welborn

human immunodeficiency virus infection

Professor Gab Kovacs

abnormal uterine bleeding; the subfertile couple

Professor Even Laerum

research in general practice

Mr Peter Lawson (deceased), Dr Sanjiva Wijesinha and Dr Andrew Pattison

men’s health, disorders of the penis, prostatic disorders, scrotal pain, inguinoscrotal lumps

Dr Jessica Lowe

cervical cancer screening

Dr Peter Lowthian


Mr Frank Lyons

common fractures and dislocations

Dr John Mackellar

child abuse and domestic violence

Dr Linda Mann

basic antenatal care

Professor Barry McGrath


Dr Joe McKendrick

malignant disease

Dr Kim Matthews

the subfertile couple

Dr Luke Murtagh

pain and its management

Professor Robyn O’Hehir

allergic disorders, including hayfever

Dr Michael Oldmeadow


Dr Frank Panetta

chest pain

Dr Geoff Quail

pain in the face, sore mouth and tongue

Mr Ronald Quirk

pain in the foot and ankle

Dr Ian Rogers

emergency care

Professor Avni Sali

abdominal pain, lumps in the breast, jaundice, constipation, dyspepsia, nutrition

Dr Stanley Santiagu and Dr Jemma Dalrymple

abnormal uterine bleeding

Dr Ronald Schweitzer

intimate partner violence and sexual assault

Dr Deshan Sebaratnam and Dr Margit Polcz

problems of the skin

Dr Heidi Spillane

sexual health

Dr Hugo Standish

urinary tract infection, chronic kidney failure

Dr Richard Stark

neurological diagnostic triads

Dr Liz Sturgiss


Professor Geoff Sussman

skin ulcers

Dr Paul Tallman

stroke and transient ischaemic attacks

Dr Alison Walsh

breastfeeding, postnatal breast disorders

Professor Greg Whelan

alcohol problems, drug problems

Dr Lynne Wray

vaginal discharge, vulvar disorders

Dr Alan Yung

fever and chills, sore throat

Dr Ronnie Yuen

diabetes mellitus, thyroid and other endocrine disorders

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