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Professor Murtagh would like to thank the Publication Division of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners for supporting his past role as Medical Editor of Australian Family Physician, which provided an excellent opportunity to gather material for this book. Acknowledgment is also due to those medical organisations that have given permission to use selected information from their publications. They include the Preventive and Community Medicine committee of the RACGP (Guidelines for Preventive Activities in General Practice), Therapeutic Guidelines Limited, the Hypertension Guideline Committee: Research Unit RACGP (South Australian Faculty) and the Medical Observer, publishers of A Manual for Primary Health Care, for permitting reproduction of Appendices I–IV.

For decades, Therapeutic Guidelines (TG) has set the gold standard for practice guidelines, beginning with the benchmark antibiotic guidelines. The panels for the various disciplines include experts from many fields whose collective wisdom and evidence base in their deliberations inspires confidence and authority for treatment decisions. General practitioners also have input in the panels. The authors of Murtagh’s General Practice wish to thank Therapeutic Guidelines Limited for the outstanding information which provides an authoritative framework for our publication. Therapeutic Guidelines is the ultimate therapeutic reference across all categories, from analgesics and antibiotics to ulcers and wound management.

Special thanks to the late Chris Sorrell for his art illustration, and to Nicki Cooper, Jenny Green and Caroline Menara for their skill and patience in typing the manuscript.

Many of the quotations at the beginning of chapters appear in either Robert Wilkins (ed), The Doctor’s Quotation Book, Robert Hale Ltd, London, 1991, or Maurice B. Strauss (ed), Familiar Medical Quotations, Little, Brown & Co., New York, 1958.

Thanks also to Professor Roger Pepperell, Dr Bruce Mugford, Dr Lucie Stanford, Dr Mohammad Shafeeq Lone, Dr Brian Bedkobar for content advice and Professor Chris White for technical support, Dr Ebrahim Pishan, Dr Joseph Turner and Lesley Rowe for reviewing the manuscript, and to the publishing and production team at McGraw-Hill Education (Australia) for their patience and assistance in so many ways.

Finally, thanks to Dr Ndidi Victor Ikealumba for his expert review of General Practice sixth edition, tropical medicine and his subsequent contribution.

Photo credits

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Figure 28.6, p. 328 is used with permission from Practical Office Orthopedics (2017) by E Parks, McGraw-Hill Education US.

Photographs appearing on the pages below are from The Colour Atlas of Family Medicine (2008) and 2nd edn (2013) and The Color Atlas and Synopsis of Family Medicine 3rd edn (2019) by RP Usatine, MA Smith, EJ Mayeaux Jr and H Chumley, McGraw-Hill Education US, with the kind permission of the following people:

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