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I would like to acknowledge the many general practitioners throughout Australia who have contributed to this book, mainly in response to the invitation through the pages of Australian Family Physician to forward their various practice tips to share with colleagues. Many of these tips have appeared over the past decade as a regular series in the official publication of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. The RACGP has supported my efforts and this project over a long period, and continues to promote the concept of good-quality care and assurance in general practice. I am indebted to the RACGP for giving permission to publish the material that has appeared in the journal and more recently from the HANDI project.

My colleagues in the Department of Community Medicine at Monash University have provided invaluable assistance: Professor Neil Carson encouraged the concept some 30 years ago, and more recently my senior lecturers provided considerable input into skin repair and plastic surgery (Dr Michael Burke) and expertise with orodental problems and facial nerve blocks (Professor Geoff Quail). Special thanks go also to Dr John Colvin, Co-Director of Medical Education at the Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital, for advice on eye disorders; Dr Ed Brentnall, Director of Accident and Emergency Department, Box Hill Hospital; Dr Alfredo Mori, Emergency Physician, The Alfred Hospital (femoral nerve block); Dr Mike Moynihan, Dr Clare Murtagh, Dr Lucas Wheatley for curriculum content and procedural advice, and the editorial staff of Australian Family Physician; Mr Chris Sorrell, graphic designer with Australian Family Physician; and in particular to Dr Clive Kenna, co-author of Back Pain and Spinal Manipulation (Butterworths), for his considerable assistance with musculoskeletal medicine, especially on spinal disorders.

Medical practitioners who contributed to this book are: Lisa Amir, Tony Andrew, Philip Arber, Khin Maung Aye, Neville Babbage, Peter Barker, Royce Baxter, Andrew Beischer, Ashley Berry, Cherry Bain, Peter Bourke, Peter Bowles, Tony Boyd, James Breheny, Ed Brentnall, Charles Bridges-Webb, Norman Broadhurst, John Buckley, Michael Burke, Marg Campbell, Patrick Campisi, Hugh Carpenter, Peter Carroll, Ray Carroll, Neil Carson, Robert Carson, Alan Chapeski Charles pharmacy (Murrumbeena), John Colvin, Peter Crooke, Graham Cumming, Joan Curtis, Hal Day, Jim Dickinsen, Tony Dicker, Clarrie Dietman, Robert J. Douglas, Mary Doyle, Graeme Edwards, Humphrey Esser, Iain Esslemont, Howard Farrow, Peter Fox, Michael Freeman, John Gambrill, John Garner, Jack Gerschman, Colin Gleeson, Peter Graham, Neil Grayson, Attila Györy, John Hanrahan, Geoff Hansen, Warren Hastings, Clive Heath, Tim Hegarty, Chris Hogan, Ebrahim Hosseini, Damian Ireland, Anton Iseli, Rob James, Fred Jensen, Stuart Johnson, Dorothy Jones, Roderick Jones, Dennis Joyce, Max Kamien, Trevor Kay, Tim Kenealy, Clive Kenna, Peter Kennedy, Hilton Koppe, Rod Kruger, Sanaa Labib, Chris Lampel, Bray Lewis, Ralph Lewis, Greg Malcher, Karen Martens, Jim Marwood, John Masterton, Jim McDonald, Sally McDonald, Peter McKain, A. Breck McKay, Peter Mellor, Thomas Middlemiss, Philip Millard, Les Miller, Geoff Mitchell, Andrew Montanari, David Moore, Michael Moynihan, Clare Murtagh, Alister Neil, Rowland Noakes, Colin Officer, Helene Owzinsky, Michael Page, Dominic Pak, Geoff Pearce, Simon Pilbrow, Ebrahim Pishan, Alexander Pollack, Vernon Powell, Cameron Profitt, Andrew Protassow, Geoff Quail, Farooq Qureshi, Anthony Radford, Peter Radford, Suresh Rananavare, Peter Rankin, Felicity Rea, Jan Reddy, Sandy Reid, Jill Rosenblatt, David Ross, Harvey Rotstein, Jackie Rounsevell, Carl Rubis, Sharnee Rutherford, Avni Sali, Paul Scott, Adrian Sheen, Jack Shepherd, Clive Stack, Peter Stone, Helen Sutcliffe, Royston Taylor, Alex Thomson, Jim Thomson, John Togno, Bruce Tonge, John Trollor, Ian Tulloch, Talina Vizard, Peter Wallace, Olga Ward, Vilas Wavde, David White, David Wilson, Ian Wilson, John Wong, Ian Wood, Freda Wraight, David Young, Your Doctors (Linda Mann, Anna Greer, John Hughes), Mark Zagorski.

In reference to part of the text and figures in spinal disorders, permission from the copyright owners, Butterworths, of Back Pain and Spinal Manipulation (1989), by C. Kenna and J. Murtagh, is gratefully acknowledged.

Many of the images in this book are based on those from other publications. Acknowledgment is given to the World Health Organization, publishers of J. Cook et al., General Surgery at the District Hospital, for figures 1.9, 3.7, 3.19, 4.33, 4.37, 9.13 and 14.4b,c and to Dr Leveat Efe for figures 1.3, 3.39, 3.42, 15.4 and 15.5.

Permission to use many drawings from Australian Family Physician is also gratefully acknowledged.

McGraw-Hill Education would also like to thank the following doctors who participated in the research survey for the this and previous editions, and in particular Dr Rachel Claydon (University of Queensland), Dr Christopher Leow (Echuca Moama Family Medical Practice) and Dr Gwendolyn Liow (Goulburn Valley Health) who also gave helpful reviews: Dr Hayder Al-Aubaidy, University of Tasmania; Dr Penny Burns, Western Sydney University; Dr Jane Cooper, University of Tasmania; Dr Judi Errey, University of Tasmania; Dr Danijela Gnjidic, The University of Sydney; Dr David King, University of Queensland; Dr Jane Landers, Highbury Family Practice Unit SA; Professor Siaw-Teng Liaw, University of New South Wales; Dr Nicholas McLernon, University of Western Australia; Dr Jason Ong, The University of Melbourne; Dr Joel Jin-Oh Rhee, University of New South Wales; Dr Jon Young Teo; Dr Keren Witcombe, University of Western Australia.

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