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I am delighted that Dr Andrew Moreton, Dr Leela Arthur, Dr Rebekah Ledingham and Dr Lucas Wheatley were willing to join me in writing this fourth edition. They are experienced and compassionate clinicians with a great desire and ability to help doctors learn through the process of passing exams. Their cases challenged and taught me when I tried them out, and they are a very welcome addition.

I would also like to express my appreciation to all those who helped with the previous editions of this book. Dr Linda Samera, Professor John Wakerman, Dr Ethel Gilbert, Dr Patrick Mutandwa, Dr Nina Kilfoyle, Dr Chris Lesnikowski, Dr Rob Roseby, Dr Peter Tait and Dr Rupa Vedantam were a great help with the first edition. The second edition benefited from input from Dr Pat Giddings, Dr Louise Baker, Dr Trudi Cullinan, Dr Tyler Schofield, Dr Daniel Cloughton, Dr Danielle Butler, Dr Katrina Page, Dr Louise Butler, Dr Sarah Koh, Dr Charles Mutandwa, Dr Ann Dunbar, Angela Beilby and Dr Tim Henderson. For the third edition I was helped by Dr Andrew Moreton, Dr Genevieve Yates, Dr Bambi Ward, Dr Robert Menz, Dr Sarah Kloeden and Dr Sally Banfield.

The photographs in Figures 1 and 3 were supplied by iStockphoto; the Eczema Association of Australasia Inc. provided the photograph for Figure 2; Dr Andrew Moreton supplied the photographs in Figures 4, 6 and 7; and Dr Brendan Bell supplied the ECG in Figure 5.

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