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The author would like to thank the Publication Division of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners for encouraging the concept of patient education and for their permission to reproduce much of the material that has appeared in Australian Family Physician. Also, my colleagues in the Department of Community Medicine, Monash University, have provided valuable assistance. Professor Neil Carson's far-reaching vision of general practice training includes the value of this educational medium. Thanks also to Dr Kerri Parnell and the Editor of Australian Doctor who have agreed to permit publication of selected patient education material that appeared in Australian Doctor in this book.

Other educational organisations that have provided ideas and material are the Paediatric Health Education Unit, Westmead Hospital, NSW, and the Parks Community Health Centre, Angle Park, SA. Colleagues who have given considerable advice are Malcolm Fredman, James Kiepert, Don Lewis, Robin Marks, Alison Walsh, Abe Rubinfeld and Lucie Stanford. The main reference was the Macmillan Guide to Family Health (1982) edited by Dr Tony Smith. Other reference material includes Better Health patient information (Victorian Government) and patient information conditions from Patient Co, United Kingdom.

Individual contributions, including full or part authorship, have come from the following practitioners, to whom I am indebted:

Lisa Amir (Establishing breastfeeding), Michael Axtens and Lou Sanderson (Common cold), Tim Bajraszewski (Osteoporosis), Bruce Barker (Angina, Diverticular disease, Hepatitis A, Osteoarthritis), Jenny Barry (Dysmenorrhoea), Robin Beattie (Stress: coping with stress), Kerrie Bourke (Natural fertility), Grant Connoley (Melanoma), Joan Curtis (Autism), Denise Findlay (Breast self-examination, Pill: the combination pill), David Fonda (Incontinence of urine), John Goldsmid (Lice: head lice, Lice: pubic lice, Scabies), Jenny Gunn and Pat Phillips (Diabetes: blood glucose monitoring at home, Diabetes: healthy diet for diabetics), Anthony Hall (Warts), Judith Hammond (Premenstrual syndrome), Patrick Kinsella (Advanced care planning), Rod Kruger (Ear: otitis externa, Ear: wax in your ear, Foreign body in eye), Deirdre Lewis (Hirsutism), Jim McDonald (Haemorrhoids), Peter Macisaac (Travel: guide for travellers), Ian McKenzie (Child accident prevention in the home), Benny Monheit (Cannabis), Clare Murtagh (Cervical cancer screening, pill: the combined pill, Eustachian tube dysfunction), Jane Offer (Understanding your menstrual cycle), William Phillips (Foreskin hygiene), Leanne Rowe (Prostate: test for prostate cancer), Jill Rosenblatt (Dysmenorrhoea, Menopause, Vaginal thrush), Ann Salmons (Asthma), Chris Silagy (Smoking—quitting), Ron Schweitzer (Domestic violence), John Tiller (Sleep problems), Mary Walsh and Joseph Turner (Natural fertility), Cynthia Welling (Incontinence of urine), Lyndall Whitecross (Pill: the combination pill), Richard Williams (Exercises for your knee, Exercises for your shoulder).

Finally, thanks go to Nicki Cooper, Kris Berntsen, Jenny Green and Caroline Menara for typing the manuscript, and to Chris White for technical assistance.

McGraw-Hill Education (Australia) would also like to thank the following doctors who have participated in the various research surveys for the new editions:

Dr Rachel Claydon (University of Queensland), Dr Christopher Leow (Echuca Moama Family Medical Practice) and Dr Gwendolyn Liow (Goulburn Valley Health) who also gave helpful reviews: Dr Hayder Al-Aubaidy, University of Tasmania; Dr Penny Burns, Western Sydney University; Dr Justin Coleman, Australasian Medical Writers Association; Dr Jane Cooper, University of Tasmania; Dr Judi Errey, University of Tasmania; Dr Danijela Gnjidic, University of Sydney; Dr David King, University of Queensland; Dr Jane Landers, Highbury Family Practice Unit SA; Professor Siaw-Teng Liaw, University of New South Wales; Dr Nicholas McLernon, University of Western Australia; Dr Jason Ong, University of Melbourne; Dr Joel Jin-Oh Rhee, University of New South Wales; Dr Jon Young Teo; Dr Keren Witcombe, University of Western Australia.

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