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The sixth and seventh editions underwent a rigorous peer review process to ensure that General Practice remains the gold standard reference for general practitioners around the world.

To that end, the author and the publishers extend their sincere gratitude to the following people who generously gave their time, knowledge and expertise.

Content consultants

The authors are indebted to the many consultants who reviewed parts of the manuscript relevant to their areas of expertise and provided help and advice.

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Dr Deborah Batesonfamily planning
Dr Roy Beranepilepsy; neurological dilemmas
Dr Peter Bergera diagnostic and management approach to skin problems
Dr James Bestdepression, anxiety, male health, child and adolescent health, communication skills
Professor Geoff Bishopbasic antenatal care
Dr John Boxallpalpitations
Dr Penny Burnsdisaster medicine
Dr Jill Cargnellohair disorders
Dr Paul Coughlin and Professor Hatem Salembruising and bleeding; thrombosis and thromboembolism
Mr Rod Dalzielshoulder pain
Dr David Dunn and Dr Hung The Nguyenthe health of Indigenous peoples
Dr Robert Dunnecommon skin wounds and foreign bodies
Professor Jon Emerygenetic disorders, malignant disease
Genetic Health Services, Victoriagenetic disorders
Dr Lindsay Grayson and Associate Professor Joseph Torresitravel medicine, the returned traveller and tropical medicine
Dr Michael Gribbleanaemia
Mr John Griffithspain in the hip and buttock
Professor Michael Griggpain in the leg
Dr Gary Grossbardthe painful knee
Dr Peter Hardy-Smiththe red and tender eye; visual failure
Professor David Healy (deceased)abnormal uterine bleeding
Assoc Professor Peter Holmescough; dyspnoea; asthma; COPD
Dr Ndidi Victor Ikealumba and Dr Cheng I-Haorefugee health, tropical medicine (Dr Ikealumba)
Professor Michael Kidd, Dr Ron McCoy and Dr Alex Welbornhuman immunodeficiency virus infection
Professor Gab Kovacsabnormal uterine bleeding; the subfertile couple
Professor Even Laerumresearch in general practice
Dr Barry Lauritz (deceased)common skin problems; pigmented skin lesions
Mr Peter Lawson (deceased) and Dr Sanjiva Wijesinhadisorders of the penis; prostatic disorders
Dr Peter Lowthianarthritis
Mr Frank Lyonscommon fractures and dislocations
Dr John Mackellarchild abuse and domestic violence
Professor Barry McGrathhypertension
Dr Joe McKendrickmalignant disease
Dr Luke Murtaghpain and its management
Professor Robyn O'Hehirallergic disorders, including hayfever
Dr Michael Oldmeadowtiredness
Dr Frank Panettachest pain
Professor Roger Pepperellbasic antenatal care
Dr Geoff Quailpain in the face, sore mouth and tongue
Mr Ronald Quirkpain in the foot and ankle
Dr Ian Rogersemergency care
Professor Avni Saliabdominal pain, lumps in the breast, jaundice, constipation, dyspepsia, nutrition
Dr Hugo Standishurinary tract infection, chronic kidney failure
Dr Richard Starkneurological diagnostic triads
Professor Geoff Sussmanskin ulcers
Dr Paul Tallmanstroke and transient ischaemic attacks
Dr Alison Walshbreastfeeding, post-natal breast disorders
Professor Greg Whelanalcohol problems, drug problems
Dr Sanjiva Wijesinhamen's health, scrotal pain, inguinoscrotal lumps
Dr Alan Yungfever and chills, sore throat
Dr Ronnie Yuendiabetes mellitus, thyroid and other endocrine disorders

A substantial number of people were involved in reviewing this book through surveys; their invaluable contribution is acknowledged below. We also take the opportunity to thank the other participants who preferred not to be named in this collective.

Survey respondents

Ashraf Aboud

Mehdi Alzaini

Anne Balcomb

Jill Benson

Ibrahim K Botros

Chris Briggs

Kathy Brotchie

Shane Brun

Daniel Byrne

Paul Carroll

Louisa Case

Ercelle Celis

Peter Charlton

Tricia Charmer

Rudolph W M Chow

Patrick Clancy

Jennifer Cook-Foxwell

Barrie Coulson

Therese Cox

Roxane Craig

Gordana Cuk

Melita Cullen

Alice Cunningham

Fred De Looze

Rudi De Mulder

Gabrielle Dellit

Michael Desouza

Yock Seck Ding

Matthew Dwyer

Judith Ellis

Jon Emery

Say Poh Eng

Iain Esslemont

Marian Evans

Wes Fabb

N Fajardo

Cyril Fernandez

Danika Fietz

Clare Finnigan

Anthony Fok

Oliver Frank

Brett Garrett

Tarek Gergis

Ben Gerhardy

Elena Ghergori

Naomi Ginges

Jim Griffin

Ranjan Gupta

Hadia Haikal-Mukhtar

Pedita Hall

Nazih Hamzeh

Erfanul Haque

Abby Harwood

Mark Henschke

Edward C Herman

D Ho

David Holford

Sue Hookey

Elspeth Horn

Seyed Ebrahim Hosseini

Faline Howes

Brett Hunt

Rosalyn Hunt

Farhana Hussein

Robyn Hüttenmeister

Anwar Ikladios

John Inkwater

Daljit Janjua

Diosdado Javellana

Aravinda Jawali

Les Jenshel

Fiona Joske

Meredith Joslin

Gloria Jove

Mohammed Al Kamil

Inas Abdul Karim

Sophia Kennelly

George Kostalas

Jim Kourdoulos

Ivan S Lee

Mohammad Shafeeq


Christine Lonergan

Dac Luu

Justin Madden

Hemant Mahagaonkar

Meredith Makeham

Shahid Malick

Muhammad Mannan

Luke Manestar

Linda Mann

Cameron Martin

Kohei Matsuda

Ronald Mccoy

Mark McGrath

Robert Meehan

Scott Milan

Kirsten Miles

Vahid Mohabbati

Megha Mulchandani

Patrick Mulhern

Brad Murphy

Charles Mutandwa

Keshwan Nadan

Ching-Luen Ng

Mark Nelson

Harry Nespolon

Brent O’Carrigan

Christopher Oh

John Padgett

George Pappas

Peter Parkes

W J Patterson

Anoula Pavli

Matthew Penn

Satish Prasad

Tereza Rada

Jason Rajakulendran

Muhammad Raza

Kate Roe

Daniel Rouhead

Fiona Runacres

Safwat Saba

Amin Sauddin

Kelly Seach

Leslie Segal

Isaac Seidl

Rubini Selvaratnam

Theja Seneviratne

Karina Severin

Pravesh Shah

Mitra Babazadeh Shahri

Jamie Sharples

G Sivasambu

Russell Shute

Sue Smith

Jane Smith

Lucie Stanford

Sean Stevens

S Sutharsamohan

Hui Tai Tan

Marlene Tham

Heinz Tilenius

Judy Toman

Khai Tran

Joseph V Turner

Susan Wearne

Anthony Wickins

Kristen Willson

Melanie Winter

Jeanita Wong

Belinda Woo

Belinda Wozencroft

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