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John Murtagh's Patient Education, 7e

First edition 1992

Second edition 1996

Third edition 2000

Reprinted 2001

Fourth edition 2005

Fifth edition 2008, reprinted 2009

Sixth edition 2012

Reprinted 2013 (twice), 2015

Text © 2017 John Murtagh

Illustrations and design © 2017 McGraw-Hill Australia Pty Ltd

Additional owners of copyright are named in on-page credits and on the acknowledgments page.

Every effort has been made to trace and acknowledge copyright material. Should any infringement have occurred accidentally the authors and publishers tender their apologies.

National Library of Australia Cataloguing-in-Publication data

Creator: Murtagh, John—author.

Title: Patient education / John Murtagh.

Edition: 7th edition.

Notes: Includes index.

Subjects: Patient education.

Family medicine.

Dewey Number: 615.5071

Published in Australia by

McGraw-Hill Education (Australia) Pty Ltd

Level 2, 82 Waterloo Road, North Ryde NSW 2113

Product manager, Medical: Yani Silvana

Production editor: Natalie Crouch

Editor: Julie Wicks

Proofreader: Annabel Adair

Indexer: Jon Jermey

Cover design: Christa Moffitt, Christabella Designs

Illustrator: diacriTech and SPi Global

Typeset in Chaparral Pro 10/11 by SPi Global

Printed in China on 80 gsm woodfree by 1010 Printing Int. Ltd

ISBN: 9781743769287

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